From Book – When God Pinched My Toe/Who Needs Light

Do your part to speed the Shift into abundance, peace and well – being. Keep your
energies high, your attitude positive, and your heartmind centered on being of service to
others. Repeat your mantras all day long: “I AM LOVE, I AM LIGHT. I AM GOD.” Add
the mantras to manifest perfect health and prosperity for yourself as well, “I DEMAND
THE EXPERIENCE OF PERFECT HEALTH.” When you do this, your cells hear your
command and will follow. Remember, never say, “I am sick, I am poor, I am not
enough.” Your body and mind will command of the Universe that it manifest sickness,
poverty and lack especially for you.
These are Universal laws we are teaching you. Work within the benevolent framework
of Universal Law, and your life will evolve into happiness, triumph and peace.
Now is the time for you to shine, Beloved Ones. Step into your destiny as the leaders,
the creators and the builders of a New
Golden Age. It is now.
We love you without end,
Your Mother/Father God