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If ever you fall in LOVE and that love is reciprocated, nurture it, don’t take it for granted, because once you hurt that patient heart and lost its PASSION, you can never revive it.

The Enigma Of Love

April 21, 2015 General, Poems ,

by tune.pk

by tune.pk

Love is marvelous but is an enigma, a mystery
like a canopy bringing shadow and comfort,
or an energy that surge shockingly
as a whirlwind comes back and forth.

Love has the intensity
to turn one’s life into topsy-turvy
of bringing to pit of loneliness
then catapult to the highest warmth of happiness.

Love has the strength of falling water from the falls,
rushing vehemently forming an uncontrollable cascades
until its stream gradually fading to a smooth flow
inviting to feel its coolness and soft embrace.