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Underwater Experienced

October 7, 2012 General, Memories ,

by Zai

by Zai

Picnic to the seashore was a benefit showered by the store owner to all supplier’s agents.  It was a way of  showing gratitude for all their supports in supplying the store of their products in bulk.  Everybody was overwhelmed by the plan including the invited guests and the staffs.

The day was  bright and sunny and full of excitement for all of us.  The store owner used their car, the agents had their own while all the staffs were in the service vehicle.  We traveled far passing under the coconut trees until we had to cross the mangrove trees using a bamboo bridge.  We, the ladies, were nervous seeing a single bamboo bridge afraid of falling down the muddy place.  To ease us, guys held us one by one to the other side where we continued walking and had to cross again a wide, deep river and at least with clear and calm water.  A banca was a means of transportation crossing the river.  The first group done it safely and were relaxing and sitting at the bank of the river across.  Now it was our turn together with an invited guest, a young widow living in front of the store who was the apple of the eye of the store owner’s relative. While on the banca, the teases and jokes between the two went on and unconsciously, the banca was out of balance, water filled in until it was capsized and all of us went down the water.  Everybody went panic.  I was already underwater with one hand still holding my eyeglasses, struggling and trying to save myself for  I didn’t know how to swim.  Thanks God, one of our company, a guy held me up and brought me to the other side of the river.  Soon afterward, the remaining group behind had crossed safe and sound.

We continue our journey until we reached the seashore, our destination.  We set aside the incident and enjoyed the whole day at the seashore, everybody swimming while I just did the sunbathing and contentedly viewing them.