Spending three weeks of listing, sorting and packing items for delivery to my sister newly opened store was a kind of taxing.  Two days after, I felt sick and out of balance, yet together with my eldest daughter we went with them to their home the day they picked up the prepared items, for it was a chance to visit my nephews whom I missed so much, and to view the renovated house of my other sister as well as to picture out the store location whether it be auspicious for her business or not.  There was a storm that day but we went on traveling under the rain and we could not avoid being wet.  At last we reached their place within an hour due to the absence of traffic and because we traveled as early as 6:00 A.M.

The store is located in a corner, a block away from their house.  It faces the southwest side and downward east side is a wet market.   It is accessible down to another barangay and toward the elementary and secondary school.  Fire is the element of my sister because of her planet sun in Leo and fire is the element of south, therefore, the location is auspicious for her.  The metallic turtle was placed at the north direction and a blue curtain at the west direction.

After lunch, we were serviced by my brother-in-law to the main road to wait for a taxicab.  Amidst our travel, we dropped by my sister and her recruit to the place of seminar and went on our trip back home.