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Star Name Fantasy

May 12, 2015 General , ,

by pozible.com

by pozible.com

Youth is the period of exploration beyond mundane activities. Stargazing at the clear sky at night is a hobby since childhood wishing I have a telescope to search a new unnamed star to be named after me “ELFLORA”.

Sitting on a bench, staring up high the heaven with all the glimmering various sizes and grouping of stars, develop a question why there is such scenery up there, what is above the Earth that we cannot comprehend and cannot reach?

Roaming around the beach under moonlight, the crave to search for a star is embedded within me, a desire of my heart and an object of my thought. I reach my twilight years, I have still the fantasy of naming a star in my name but now I discover, those stars above have the corresponding owners, which the Creator provided.