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Fun With The Nonphysical Entities

May 13, 2015 General , ,

by 2012portalblogspot.com

by 2012portalblogspot.com

In a quiet secluded space preferably at night time in your room, invite your Higher Self to go down from higher dimension into your place, asking your angel to communicate with other nonphysical entities and have fun.

I did this last night, envisioning I was surrounded by nonphysical entities of angels and fairies I invited. I felt so happy, laughing so much in physicality that once I was noticed by my family, they would think I was crazy. We played and experiment how to manifest what I desire.

As being taught, everything around is energy, from nonphysical energy, we can create the passion of our heart, just need the focus and the intention to create.

Small things manifest faster compared to greater one, you need to be honed and more effort and concentration are applied until they become real.