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Egoism makes one either win or lose.

Past Life

May 17, 2015 General

by playb..

by playb..

Knowing past life, who were you compared to current life, you will understand why you experience trials beyond your understanding now.

If your soul had been a queen, enjoyed the power, luxuries, admiration, abundance of everything you ought to be, respect not only within your kingdom but as well as outside or all over the world and now in this current life, you live an ordinary way of living, encountering ups and down, lack and trials, still you got the determination and guts to overcome and be a winner, it is because, you soul has still the traits, wisdom and understanding of a queen.

It is just, your soul want to undergo different ways of life in this school we called Earth. In your solitude, analyzing what make your life today, smile and acceptance are prevalent.