You are keen and intelligent but will incline to be aggressive mentally and contrary in speech; frank and direct, likely make enemies by hitting straight from the shoulder; creative, expert and honest, with love of chemistry, science and mathematics; cause much opposition from being too plain spoken and sarcastic in whatever you write and express yourself in general;  apt to estrangement with relation, trouble with brother and sister and members of the family; versatile and wise but not disposed for routine work; love independence and fight against any limitation.

You are sensitive, having high intuition you are aware what is behind someone through his action; fond of arts especially painting; never believe in any information until you discover it is exact and right.

Being spiritual, you don’t have to worry about your provision for generally you will have whatever you need.

Your name gives you qualities which make you a better person.  You can achieve whatever is in your heart and reach your goal no matter what obstacles mayhap.  It features you a trait of being tolerant, sympathetic and loving.  Love of God and humanity brings you to total happiness but give yourself the priority to YOU NOW in order that your love outside of you will not drain you.  Practice saying NO if it affects your health and conserve your own resources for the time you need them. Take care of yourself in the best possible for you might forget it while trying to please others.

Constant changes and adventures in one place or one relationship are your hearts desire.  You are always imagining happily and romantically.  In  marriage, you can be an excellent and perfect partner as long as it is strictly of your own choice.

Inside you is the will of being alone, no need of company, you enjoy yourself hearing sweet musics while doing any task you ought to finish.  You are a strength to rely on by your friends and anyone.  Although what you plant, you harvest, you harvest the best of it.

In finance, you will be interested in speculative ventures without careful deliberation, but in your self creation or business connected with chance, you will be lucky

Always take care in whatever you do and when traveling.

For good health and success, wear your aura colors: brown or bronze, violet/purple and blue and for protection, use crystals or gemstones of tigers eye and amethyst.

Love and light!