I had wished that my first love would be my last love.

From the number of suitors I had, I considered my first love the one that I entertained with mutual understanding and gave my time and thought to him and so he too.  However, ocean separated us until communication was cut off.

I entertained another relationship, he knowing that I had someone else accepted it and pursued his wooing.   Due to his determination, I reciprocated him without clearance from my first love.  We had an enjoyable and memorable togetherness although he was possessive.  Time came that I had to work to far away city separated by ocean too.

Unpredictably, my first love and I met again in a place where he was always waiting and hoping I could be there.  Unfortunately, we were seen by friends of my other love and reported that to him who was in the province.  He ignored my explanation, in returned I went back to my first love and got married.

Well, my wish was granted:  My first love is now my last love.