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If ever you fall in LOVE and that love is reciprocated, nurture it, don’t take it for granted, because once you hurt that patient heart and lost its PASSION, you can never revive it.

Twin Soul As Your Partner

July 13, 2015 General, Quotations , ,

by spiritualunite.com

by spiritualunite.com

To have a lasting relationship, wait for your TWINSOUL or your TWINFLAME to show in your life and not to rush having a partner to form a family. All of us have one. He/She is certain to understand, love, support you in pain or in happiness, in sickness or in wellness, in lack or in abundance. A TwinFlame accepts you whoever you are and will not desert you because he/she is the HALF of yourself, the male or female energy.

Those who are still single, I wish you to met yours very soon. HAPPY HUNTING!