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You are the master of yourself, find refuge to your inner self
and not to the outside world.

The Higher Your Age, The Younger You Behave

July 14, 2015 General, Quotations ,

by Jill Pegasus

by Jill Pegasus

It is instilled in the mind that the older you become, the younger you behave. Once you reach the senior age your memory declines, nerves inflexible so actions are limited and because of that belief, your children are so concerned, watching all you do, what you eat, checking if you take your vitamin and medication just like when they were still young when you took care of their every needs.

The truth is, MIND is everything, what you think you become (by Buddha). Think now that you are YOUNG and BEAUTIFUL or HANDSOME and that you can do whatever you want just like a CHILD. The fact is our cells regenerate.