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Never To Social Dance – A Promise To Myself

December 11, 2012 General, Memories ,

Whatever the reason behind, I had promised myself “Never to dance publicly” until I finished my secondary school.  Junior and Senior’s Prom was a compulsory activity in high school for third year and graduating students  of fourth year.  It was an affair transferring honor of exiting students to third year who would be enjoying then the completion of secondary education toward another door of higher knowing for a chosen career.  The activity was the opportunity by both students to know, familiarize and be comfortable to each other before saying goodbye to the Alma Mater.  It was an enjoyable and once in a lifetime experience as a student.  Dancing was a part of it.  True to my self promise, I definitely refused the request of my classmates, schoolmates as well as my teachers to dance with anyone who wanted to.  They insisted, but I had to fulfill, its a difficult goal to myself, I had to achieved it, so they were in vain.