Since childhood my sister was suffering stomachache.  Herbal medicines like jatropa curcas plant or psychic nut leaves, bitter gourd leaves juice and raw white juice of young male papaya fruits were applied and treated to her to ease the pain.  She had grown up with that kind of illness.  One time, she suffered numbness of her legs, she was just crawling to move, was hospitalized too, unfortunately, she was given medicines for ulcer because of pain in that body part, which in fact a wrong medication.  Her real ailment as per ultra sound was gallstones affecting her pancreas, which were maturing and necessitate to be taken immediately because there was the tendency to rupture any given moment and would poisoned different internal organs.

My sister needed to be operated instantly that midnight because the gallbladder ruptured already.  While she was prepared for her very sensitive and delicate operation,  I was in front of the altar begging GOD to grant her a second chance to live for my belief that she had still important role here on planet earth.

Many doctors of different specialty of body parts were headed by a specialist surgeon, a former boss of my friend, a lady doctor were attending her.  A rich doctor, co-surname of my mother donated the necessary rare blood type also instructed that the patient be taken care of all the time.  Seven tubes  were attached to her.  The operation took several hours and with GOD grace, the operation was a success.

My sister had survived the most challenging and critical stage of her life, she had her SECOND LIFE and she is enjoying it NOW.