Your birthday 22 coincide with your destiny number 4 makes you  the foundation of all around you and everything you do.   Fairness, methods and loyalty are the marvelous tools you can use to achieve the material things you crave.  You are dependable, workaholic, patient and systematic especially in your line of interest.  You put everything in order by detail before starting any desired project, project that was meticulously studied and planted in your thought.  Once it got started, the fruits of which were eye-catching to the observers as well as to the users.  Your works were dependable because you have a great ideas and perseverance even in most boring job.  Anything new appeals to you especially new religion and new ideas.

February 22 brings you pioneer in views and erratic in actions.  You are so sensitive, inclined to be depressed and sometimes shrink from people.  You are also secretive, not showy of your feeling that caused you to be misunderstood by others; should be treated with great consideration and sympathy.

You have to avoid making plan or engagement using the date of numbers 4 and 8 and their series 13, 22, 31, 40, 17, 26, 35,  best you use 1 and 2 and their series.  Fortunately, you got number 6 for your heart desire and number 1 for your real personality, these numbers neutralize the effects of numbers 4 and 8.

FINANCE – Financial matter is not so appealing to you. You may gain money through unusual ways and to .lose it by unusual ways too.

HEALTH – As long as you are happy, sickness will be away from you.  Do anything that inspired and interest you, never think of any lonely scene for it will bring a form of nervous disorder of digestive tract that is difficult to cure.

Your outward personality based from your full name rewarded you the most perfectionist individual, intelligent, eccentric, an artist, your word is law.  You enjoy alone in your own place accompanied by books and now computer in this New Golden Age, searching knowledge deliberately for your own satisfaction.  Friends lean and have trust on your fair, just and supreme decision in any problem or situation.  You are a good conversationalist endowed with true knowledge and logic which you use to your point and your word is accepted without question.  Negativity in general is your liability like an outbreak, so always look the positive outlook in life.

.Within your heart exists the pleasure of caring, serving and doing good for others.  You make your home beautiful, peaceful and a joyous place to live for one and for everybody.

Strong willpower combined with another strong factor an ambition, is one of the dominant characteristic of your hidden personality.  Every project you do is almost achievable because you detest failure in anything.  Avoid your domineering side to the weaker one, just suggest and demonstrate rather than demand and dictate.

2013 –  Will be your year for fun, socializing and pleasure.  This is the most charming year in your 9 year cycle, you magnetized everyone near or around you.  Whatever you do enjoy that incoming year.   This should be a very happy and successful year for you.