travel1aJeiso Leina Maroof

You are exceptionally kindhearted and sympathetic,
very sensitive, has imaginative ability which is idealistic,
great active mind, ready for emergency
but to realize ambitions, will go great difficulties.

You are engrossed in two occupations
but you work in your own way,
you are hard to understand by other persons
due to your dual personality.

Travel and change are your great desire,
ALWAYS restless, engage at something actively.
make every effort to have a happy home life,
but likely to have extreme adversity.

You are a good investigator and reasoner,
a great reader and can express yourself as a writer,
success in FINANCE is favorable,
provision as stock and shares are remarkable.

In HEALTH, you are inclined to underweight
brought by your own mental activity
you are ALWAYS full of energy
but will run down like an electric battery.