Rodrigo Rabang

You have a very feracious imagination.
an exceptional mental capability,
but always tend to change conviction
to make the most of your abilities.

You rather fond of quiet life and not pretentious,
very trustworthy and in every work so meticulous.
but you are lacking in self-confidence
and need a push so weakness be regained.

You enjoy gardening especially flowers
and all about things related to earth,
yet generating money from this hobbies
is far for you hardly bring them to financial success.

Being quiet and undemonstrative,
you attract more friends especially of opposite sex,
very careful in choosing a partner in marriage
and have favorable life if you marry late.

Sometimes you are inclined to suffer depression.
that was how you are affected by the moon.
You have a receptive memory,
learning and retaining things easily.

You apt to earn money using your brain work.
and you can do well as head of a company
You are careful of handling your own fund,
anxious that your future will have security.

In Health, you are liable to take care
disorder with digestive organs, stomach and intestines;
you are extremely sensitive to food
subject to ptomaine poisoning if not properly cooked.