Day of birth –  Gifted you the power and skill of communication emanating from mind continuously as if the well of knowledge, wisdom and understanding comes naturally; luck and chance in whatever deal you undertake; success in everything you endeavor either in career, business or politics;  and changes for you dislike routine.  It gives you intense charm, people are easily attracted and magnetized by you.  You love beauty, neatness, comfort, honor and variety affecting love and romance wherein you experienced many failed relationship.

Being under the zodiacal sign of scorpio, vibrations of Mercury & Mars, and element of water makes you either remarkably good or bad. Mercury and Mars grant you mental power, cleverness, intelligence, allow you soar the height of success, and help you win every contest and battle. Being inventive and original in views and ideas, you are likely the organizer, the leader or the manager in either public or private institutions. Usually, anyone under the influence of Mercury surges the highest potential in life. However, because of the influence of Mars, oftentimes, you meet victory in the presence of a competing opponent. Challenge is your enhancer to feel satisfaction and feed your ego. Water element mellowed down the intensity of pride and benefits you for being compassionate, understanding with sympathy to the length of forgiving ones shortcomings. Water has different state: calm and clear, muddy and wavy, and the extreme of it showing its power through tough and turbulent extent causing tragedy to the affected one, same to the person in the same state of mind. Luckily, we are now under the influence of New Earth in its Golden Age giving everybody the Energy of Love and Light to enjoy.

Birthdate – A dreamer, spiritual, conservative, choosy, idealistic, intuitive, and sensitive. You are an artist indulge more on painting and writing. Books are your company in your workplace. Having a very sensitive intuition, you don’t just trust and believe to any information given to you, you have to find the truthfulness of such thing before believing and making conclusion. You believe in magic, occult, unseen universes, and has the power finding whatever is hidden. Your birthdate influences you to emotional sensitivity; you are easily hurt, causing you to be a loner at times.

Your knowledge of the universe makes you an excellent writer, orator and conversationalist, drawing people listen contentedly as they adapt more peculiar knowledge educating themselves.

Full name – Makes you an excellent partner or assistant for you have the expertise of exercising the duties and responsibilities in their absence. Cooperation is your most valued quality, an asset to a company or any group and organization as well as in your own home and family. Peace is priority everywhere, and you act as the peacemaker whenever or wherever there is struggle and misunderstanding. Your sincerity and understanding pleases everyone and it makes you happy and inspired. However, your kindness is taken advantage sometimes by trying to please everyone. Be on guard!

Heart desire – Love for God and humanity is your priority and because of this values, God provides you everything you need.  Those who are needy, less in life and children appeal more on you, providing them their material necessity and morality as well plus sharing your compassionate stories for their pleasure.

Hidden real personality – A happy-go-lucky personality, adventurous, believe that tomorrow will take care of itself, your care is of today only, and loves enjoying life to the fullest. Your charm attracts so many people which you desire most because you want variety and your changeable trait needs new place, new relationship, new job and the latest happening.

Health – Due to mentally overworked, stress affects your nervous system.

The influence of your birth force gives you a weak constitution until the age of 25, but your  star sign helps you overcome it from age of 22. During the period of age 26 to 51; you will enjoy achievements but there will be dis-satisfactions, you love varieties therefore you change your mind often, and will enjoy love & romance; and from age 51 onwards, you will be discontented in life but will continue to serve the needy.

The above reading covered your lifetime, you may or may not experience them yet. However,  this may guide and help you. Enjoy life and appreciate everything showered by Source God.

Happy Holiday!