Vic Develos

The rock of Gilbraltar, a supreme builder
you aim everything meticulously
carrying out the plans personally
in every design you adhere.

Been endowed with kind of strength,
power and tenacity for such building
have complete faith in what you create
can achieve anything in your liking.

However, you got the partial harvest
material wealth will not be overwhelming.
unless you find a partner who has the power
of making material gain money-making.

Intelligence and very keen mind
are your two great assets,
you learn easily and quickly
anything that catches your fancy.

Your greatest happiness
is in loving and being loved.
But you could easily distressed
unintentionally those you love.

The secret of the Universe hold a deep attraction to you
studying quietly the people around you
Selfishness is one of your bad attribute
Dignity is important to you.

Peace and contentment are your greatest desires,
and you easily find them because you live a peaceful life.
Just steadily you work your aim,
knowing that wishing alone is not sufficient.

Your life from 51 to your lifetime
will be spent more in study
and might achieve spiritual perfection.