Dignadice Nesty

Unusual and unexpected circumstance,
very distinctive and out of the ordinary
are inclined to happen in your life,
meaning you may not be so lucky.

You will not be easily fit to other people’s views
you will arouse opposition in your work and ideas.
but, you are best in surmounting obstacles
and rising to the call of emergencies.

Being original in thought
new ideas and methods appeal to you,
strong-willed in your views and opinions,
you are inclined to analyze and be critical in conclusions.

You keep much for yourself and care for very few buddies
but for those whom you like, you care very sincerely.
Marriage is equally out of the ordinary
more on underlying experiment or a fantasy.

In finance, you will have many changes
but always sudden and in unexpected ways,
original ideas will be born in your mind
but not fit to other people’s design.

In health, you will be under strange condition,
illnesses with be sudden, difficult to diagnose
such as pains and cramps in the stomach and lesions.
Eat lightly and study foods that seems suit your situation.

Freedom and adventure are yours to enjoy,
you are also sexual in thought and action.
humor though an asset, can be a weapon
control yourself to avoid depression.