Leobilito Obsiona

You are more than usually ambitious
determined to rise in life to succeed.
be successful in all positions of authority.
definite in opinions and rather dictatorial in your views.

You will be good in organization and control,
just and severe in the administration of rules
even to the sacrifice of your own relations,
for the sake of being example.

AT home you must be the head of the house
if not there will be considerable trouble and friction.
In many ways you will lead a charmed life
escaping dangers and accidents unlike others.

You will aim to gain social status
in whatever community you live in.
will make influential friends in high positions
yet still show kindness towards lower men.

In finance, you will be fortunate.
acquiring considerable wealth,
careful in investing money.
building up business and industry.

You are a lover of outdoor life
and sports of every kind
but will run some danger from animal
for fearlessness in dealing with them.