Zenaida Rodriguez

You have the freedom of action
and able to mingle to various type of person,
able to fit to any type of profession
and make a success to anything that requires mental comprehension.

The greatest fault is by being versatile,
have to make many changes in life
for you detest any monotonous kind of deed
and appear to make money in a flash.

You can be easily influenced by others,
for being not positive enough
often lose your best opportunities
by being swayed of other’s advice or ideas.

You should endeavor to make yourself more firm
and positive in all your actions
develop continuity of effort
in whatever you may determine.

Your versatility and desire to make money quickly
can fall you a victim by a financial shark.
Marriage is not likely fortunate,
will have the tendency to be more than one.

You are bound to have strokes of being fortunate
but in general you cannot put money aside for advanced years.
You are always at high tension, trouble in the nerves
and suffer insomnia and not get enough rest and sleep.