Melchor Zarcilla

Your life will be an eventful one
and bring you much publicity.
There was a great change in your life and plans
causing removals from place to place.

Your way of living will have a long journeys and diversities
which in the end should turn out in your favor.
You are psychic and intuitive so follow
your intuition to changes and opportunities,

You are business minded and adventurous,
but inclined to be rather impetuous
and headstrong in your actions,
so patience and tenacity should be developed.

You are too optimistic, too hopeful,
but rebel against delays or difficulties;
you will develop a sense of power slowly and surely
and self-confidence which have been missing in your early years.

Although you have strong love of home and home-ties,
you will be liable to losses with the actions of the family,
still you can look forward with prominence wherever you live
and success for whatever career you commit.

You are fortunate in money matters.
get unusual opportunities for success
in business you can handle a responsible positions
as head of large enterprises.

Being incline to be mentally strain
endeavoring to carry out ambition
you will exhaust your nervous energy
and run down like an exhausted dynamo.