Melanio Maximo

You will have a very eventful life.
based on adventure, danger, love and romance,
courage, will-power and determination
be it evil or good, your thought may decide.

You have the talent for organization,
desire to amass wealth and power.
but be inclined to be weighed down
in all undertakings by heavy expenditures.

You will excite powerful enemies and great conflict,
life at times be threatened by danger and violence
be forced into legal trials, long and expensive,
often be faced with heavy financial losses.

If you practice control over yourself,
you make much of your qualities,
still there is the danger of hasty temper
that provoke opposition from others.

You have great attraction to opposite sex,
experience danger caused by jealousy,
and will hardly get the full span of life
without running the risk of wounds and injuries.

You will be good for making money
in business, enterprise or industry
in amassing wealth, you have many opportunities
but inclined spending to litigation against powerful enemies.

You will have a healthy body
but will have many experiences of surgery
as head and face are the principal parts with injury
and appendix will have to be removed probably.