Gifts from me, my daughters and son were given to my sisters, her husband and two sons in envelopes, wrapped boxes and unwrapped.  My youngest sister first opened her envelope given by my son.  She smiled and excitedly told me, it was a bill in big amount.  The laughter I heard from my sister amazed me because she was so very happy, she did not expect what she saw inside the envelope.  Her husband peeped his and instantly kept it into his pocket.  My other sister kept quickly hers to her pocket too.  My brother-in-law was so elated, he wanted to know as soon as possible how much was given to his two sons. He was expecting they had the same amount.  The youngest son opened first his envelope but was sad upon seeing its just 10% smaller compared to his parents and auntie.  He requested his elder brother to open his envelope fast eager to find out how much was in it but disgustedly, they had the same small bill.  Ha! Ha! Ha! They all laughed.

Afterwards, they opened each boxes and they all like and love the contents.  What a joyful day!

Happy Gift Giving To All!