Noel Eballar

You have a strong personality
with great ambition and constancy,
dictatorial and very positive in views
at whatever work you close.

You are good in carrying out emergency,
have moral and physical bravery,
fearless, love out-door life,
and great command of horses and other animals.

You are endowed with considerable
mechanical ability and ingenuity
Opposite sex is attracted to you greatly,
and have more than one marriage feasibly.

You are lucky in money matters,
accumulating much wealth
especially in dealing with machines for speed.
and gaining from marriage and unexpected legacies,

In some cases, you will succeed in creating business
which produces rapid return of investment
you also generate massive gains
from mental work and become philanthropists.

In health, you are the worst enemy
for seldom taking care of yourself,
nervousness begin at about fifty-fourth of age
due to being workaholic.