Katalina Austriaco

Neptune rules your hidden mental abilities:
the subconscious, producing weird dreams,
visions, hallucinations
and the power to inventive capabilities.

You are oversensitive to people and surroundings,
extremely unhappy and discontented
if living under unhappy conditions,
and find difficult to mix with other people.

You love deep art, good in all forms of research,
will study the inner workings of the human brain,
extremely secretive and reserved,
rise in any unusual undertaking.

You have the tendency to be a healer.
inclined to study occultism, hypnotism,
you will be misjudged and misunderstood,
though oversensitive, still indifferent to their opinions.

Although you are not focus to materialism,
you will receive financial blessing
in odd and peculiar ways as well as legacies
by your own intuition in so doing.

You will not be physically healthy
but will likely develop your own diet
that will enable you to live out
the average span of life.