Welcome to The NEW EARTH in reaching its GOLDEN AGE!  Today is the most important date of our Mother Earth.  She ascends itself to its higher consciousness together with all its inhabitants, humans, animals, trees, and all living creations and spirits in their respective realms.  Mother Earth will return to its pristine beauty, fertile lands, clean air, fresh water free of pollutions.  Humanity will absorb or receive the energy of healing, abundance, prosperity, joy, peace, love and light.

Gradually, we will experience the newness of ourselves, the rebirth of our self consciousness, the emergence of talents, potentials, wisdom and understanding from deep slumber  in the library of our mind and now from our HEART CENTER.

TODAY, there is stillness and peace throughout my environment.  I feel the strength of energy in my body, feeling the vertigo and the lightness of my body.

Give ourselves time, few minutes will do, to meditate the most important desire of our hearts for three days for the manifestations of them as the strong energy from the sun  showered the whole earth.