Carmen R.I.

You come under a very fortunate combination,
as far as being brought to the public is concerned,
will likely to gain money from more than one source
and to have great opportunities brought into you.

The vibrations of Venus and Mercury
brings you to be successful and imaginative,
in all things relating to Literary works, arts and music,
also you can be a good lecturer and an eloquent preacher.

Can expect social success and prominence
but with undercurrent of fatalism
which will make you pass a bit
through periods of melancholia and presentiment

You will have strong magnetism,
be most attractive to you opposite sex,
have many awesome love affairs and romances,
and go thru an eventful life beyond dreams.

You will have a dislike to any form of restraint,
and a great desire for independence.
In finance, you will be more likely to be lucky
have presents given to you, properties or legacies.

In health, you will be liable to nervous tension,
bronchial tubes and asthma inflammation.
To increase magnetic vibrations,
use shades from light to darkest, pearls and diamonds.

You will spend your lifetime working for your intent,
for you are well prepared for it with great patience.
Being a total perfectionist,
you desire the very best in everything.

You are always happy and carefree,
a magical dreamer, envisioning beautiful fantasies.
You are a best kind of friend to have,
for you have a friendly soul and heart.