Yolly MBV

You are likely versatile, brilliant and elusive
charming in society, if you are in mood
be the most delightful lady to meet,
but can’t be expected to be hold.

If you exercise your will-power,
you will be successful if you stick to one thing;
Being kind-hearted and generous, you make more friends
and you are idolized by being fascinating.

In love you are the most puzzle of all
for you can be passionate but at the same time unfaithful.
You love travel and able to have two homes
oftentimes at the moment of success, abandon your ambition.

You seldom derived satisfaction from work accomplished
for the nature of being severely criticized afterward.
You are ingenious, inventive and energetic
if concentrated on mental powers, can always achieve eminence.

If you concentrate on accumulation of money
it can be made quickly in business or speculation.
If the mind runs on more intellectual side of life,
you will be exhausted and form nervous breakdown.

If you are happy and successful in life,
you will prevent the attack of diseases,
Marriage or partnership are seldom a success
but lucky are those union a chance of favorable one.

You will be extremely prosperous,
can achieve whatever is in your heart,
you are cheerful and is a friendly soul,
peace and contentment are your greatest desire.