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The Strangers

August 30, 2015 General, Poems , , ,


I stumble an article in a group section that I like,
follows by another, then another, and many more,
I am drawn following the every article assigned
everyday in every way, trying not to ignore.

I am amused by the story in each poem
analyzing whether it is real or a fruit of imagination,
I am intrigued how on earth it is composed
that I am charmed following its duration.

I meet many new people via the group of Senior,
most are STRANGERS to me in person,
yet, there is the MAGIC of COMMUNICATION
that attracted me to reciprocate and enjoy.

Knowing them through CHAT is a great privilege
giving you their time and innate knowledge,
exchanging joke, reminding in a cloudy state
light advises if needed are treasures to cherish.

Imagine those STRANGERS being not seen personally,
have the heart of saying I miss you, I love you,
hope you are well, enjoy, and take care
imagine the POWER of WORDS spoken heartily!

One time, I think if I will continue or quit,
spending my time browsing post to like and share,
yet within my heart and thought, I am doubtful
in the end, I have to embrace the group with JOY!