Smart is the first quality that attracts him of me,
seeing me walking straight in heels along the pathway
heading to attend classes in the main building
of the college where I am studying.

He tags along every chance eyeing me
till I notice the patience everyday,
I welcome the friendly gesture I see
till it springs into heart’s intimacy.

I am pampered by his love and care,
always given special attention everywhere,
in our togetherness for more than two years
everything is smooth and full of enjoyment.

Once, he proposes Civil Matrimony,
I refuse for am not yet ready;
time evolves I have to work to a distant city,
I suggest that we may be married secretly.

He is not amenable to my idea,
yet, I pursue my departure,
he gets a chance to visit me in Manila
but is alarmed not seeing his photo on my table.

I treat him in a canteen to talk privately
but to my dismay, he asks me whom always is my company;
jealousy kills the trust and respect truly
that ends the ones delightful affinity.