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The Joy Of Being With You

September 10, 2015 General, Memories, Poems , , ,



    We are both a wanderer,
    from different place
    but fate brings us in a certain way
    that links our spirits.

    Wherever I go, you trace my location
    surprising me by random,
    so got a chance to invite you to explore
    the large water Dam in that region.

    I feel secured when you hold me tight
    as we climb the hill and go down the river.
    You are tempted to take a bath
    to the cool, clear and running water.

    I just look around and enjoy the beauty of the place
    for being with you is the best thing I wish
    but one thing I surely notice,
    I am attracted by the shape of your legs.

    You hold my hand while we stroll
    back to the Hacienda quarter home
    bringing my uncle bottles of wine
    as offering that surely he would love.