D’s gift to me when visiting at home are rice cakes or bibingka not personally hands to me but to my stepmom while L’s gift when visiting is a round beautifully decorated cake carefully carried and directly hands to me.

D spends more his time talking with my family while L wants most of my time with him.

D is a man of action and few words. He is a kind of a quiet person dedicated on how to fix breakage with minimum expenditures. He can work out their vessel travels safely until they reach port with temporary spare part without the knowledge of their captain and crew. He is a Second Marine Engineer.

L is good in communication, graduated Cum Laude, been ROTC commandant, 2nd Lieutenant and a teacher. He always sends me love notes and love letters although we see each other almost everyday. Notes are delivered by his subordinates even at the middle of my class.

D is my first love while L is second and he knows it still he insists and I accept too believing that D might find another for years of miscommunication.

They are both zealous type but L is the possessive one.

At the end of the day, the WINNER is D for his confidence and fighting for his right while L being consumed by jealousy turns his back.