College is the most delightful days
loose schedule, more time for rambling
meeting new student boys and girls,
and countless opportunities for everything.

Students in some subjects are international
especially those minor ones
chances are they meet someone
like this lovely friend of mine.

They are classmate only in Mathematics
subject which is not her field
dropping twice and passes finally
by the assistance of her closed colleague.

That buddy is a La Salle graduate
and expert in Mathematics
always tutoring her that subject
but she is so dull in it.

Within two years of friendly association,
they are inseparable in and out of school,
although through woman’s intuition,
his friend has special affection.

She senses that special feeling
but aloof to tell for she always evades
holding hands or even finger tips touching
being not ready for love relationship.

Everybody thinks they are steady
until she goes home to their province
and gets married without seeing
or knowing where he is living or what happen to him.

Before retiring from government service,
her lawyer cousin calls her up telling
that his fellow lawyer from Manila asks
if he knows someone in Iligan by her name.

Upon confirming she is there,
he almost jumps with gladness
confessing to his lawyer cousin
that she is a SPECIAL FRIEND.

He ask her cellphone number from his cousin
takes more or less five months for him to text
“Is this Charmaine? Ed Francisco here..
forty five years ago, you remember?

Another chapter of their life is paved away again,
the door for communication opens,
through text and call, she discovers
how deeply Ed Francisco loves her.

One time he calls her, hey I’m going somewhere
call later, says Charmaine –
why do you leave me, always leave me like this?
he sadly mutters…

Sometimes at night or early morning
Ed texts her and said, Charmaine do the exercise please
to refrain from being obese
and don’t eat so much sweet.

Even at that stage of connection again,
he still cannot express his suppressed emotion
at his age and a successful lawyer imagine,
he still nurtures and keeps that secrets affection.

Charmaine’s feeling is developed
contemplating his so caring attitude,
very respectful and gentlemanly approach
which exists for only two months period.

One sweet moment, Ed says
Charmaine look at the papers today
you will find me there with the President.
see your loved ones is celebrated!

Charmaine jokes, are you my love, and Ed asks, isn’t it?
and utters “Why Charmaine, I can’t find words
to tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU even before until NOW?
Charmaine feels shivering sensation so much joy hearing the statement.

But the happiness and excitement is hindered
by a massive heart attack of Atty. Ed Francisco
while the whole family goes to Cebu attending Sinulog
and he is only alone in their home when it happened.

Charmaine cries and cries everytime remembering him and still talking to him until this time even he is in heaven now. They have not met the second time around only spots him at Youtube,
Atty. Francisco was a legal counsel and a Corporate Secretary of a big government agency.