A loving, compassionate and empathetic HEART
digest the needs of man’s spirit and body
urging to be disseminated in every opportunity
whenever a good news for enlightenment and healing crop up.

There is always the urge
to share what the heart feels
vital to the newness of downed soul,
weak and afflicted constitution.

LOVE and LIGHT is the priority
in joining a group of Seniors
as well as sharing knowledge
relating to ascension.

Some detest my contribution,
explanation and even adjudge abomination,
my presence creates argumentation
until it reaches the verdict of separation.

Back to my previous life outside the box
I feel lightened and calm
but that happening is followed by aftershock
some friends want me to come back.

I am grateful for them sincerely,
for working to bridge the gap so early
to the point that the Head message me
requesting for my renewed membership.

But I am contented and at peace
although everyone there I miss
usually, the REALIZATION of importance exists
once it is out of their reach.