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Open Letter

September 19, 2015 General, Memories , ,

by: www.topnews.on

by: www.topnews.on

A group of four engineering students has been a classmate in most minor subjects.  They see to it, they occupy seats at my back doing anything to attract attention, glad once I look back at them.  They are all good looking and belong to rich family.  They always follow me whenever I go or around the campus, up and down the stairways of the two buildings of the school.  Inside the classroom, they make weird gestures  so I heed to them which I disdain.

One of them, I can say, is a spoiled brat, not focusing on his study.  Being irritated , I give him a open letter of antipathy in front of the Treasurer’s Office  in the presence of the employees and his three friends, read it aloud for all to hear stating I don’t  like him, etc..

It does not end there, one time, I see him at the Engineering building’s campus with reddish face as if drunk and confront me, yet I despise him and not feel afraid.  However later, I think too of quitting from the school. Luckily, he is the one who leave.