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Carrot Is My Eye Strain Reliever

January 4, 2013 General ,

Carrot for Eye Strain

Carrot for Eye Strain

I started wearing eyeglasses at the age of eleven because of nearsightedness. Now in my senior age, I felt uncomfortable with both my eyes even with eyeglasses due to endless strain. I take optein, a herbal vitamin for the eye and coleduz, another herbal medicine supporting a healthy eye, yet the strain was still coming back. What I did was put a sliced potato to both my eyes at bedtime and it did wonder, the nerves around my eyes were
relaxed and the strain gradually lessen, however, it was just temporary.

I asked my daughter what raw fruits should I take to relieve my suffering and she reminded me of carrot. Immediately, I ate one whole big carrot yesterday and another one big carrot today.

So wonderful, I am relieved of strain and here I am writing in my website directly through my netbook.