Carnelian Bracelet

Of so many kinds of crystals and gemstones, CARNELIAN is the foremost, the best and proven gemstone for fertility.

A lady Indian national who sought medication for pregnancy for two years in their land had not achieved her desire. She and her husband both wanted to have their dreamed child, so they did their best entertaining every opportunity which could help them.

I had known them two years ago and knowing their plight, I offer my free service of knowing her condition through her birthday. She had a healthy internal body parts, therefore, an enhancer plus right tips and guides for fertility are needed to ensure the desired result.

Twenty one pages of tips for fertility was given to her for free and advised her to wear CARNELIAN gemstone. She requested me to purchase for her and I bought a CARNELIAN BRACELET and gave a piece of carnelian as a gift which she taped on her tummy. More or less three months had passed, his husband smilingly reported to me that his wife is two months on the way and for his gladness, he asked me what Christmas gift I wanted, jokingly, I replied house and lot then laughed. He insisted his cash gift for me to buy anything I wanted.

In reality, the best gift I received was, God used me their WAY to fulfill their dream.