Our Beloved Collie SanChai

My youngest daughter sought a spiritual service for animal communication for our beloved collie San Chai who choose to continue her life to the higher dimension. Below was the message of Ms. Elaine:


I have been speaking with SanChai in Spirit. She is fine and really very free! She is telling me she was ready to go for some time as her body sick and much older than even 9 years. Her body was more like 12 years old. That is how she felt.

I pick up that there was a tumor in her intestines. A blockage. It did cause her some discomfort and at times constipation, but mostly diahrrea. And the blood you saw was a part of the tumor erupted. It basically opened up. I am also picking up her back legs had a type of nerve damage. I feel this had something to do with the cancer. The tumor was cancer and affected nerves in her legs.

She knows how bad you feel about her dying this way. And you feeling that perhaps if you found out sooner you could’ve saved her.

But she says no. That is not the case. Even if you caught this 6 months ago there was little they could’ve done for her they could not properly operate on her intestine. This was her destiny to go like this.

She sends you so much love and warm energies. I feel them as we speak. She sends this love and warmth coming into your shoulders and down into the center of your body. She wants you to notice this, it is her. And she shows me a favorite blanket.
A favorite spot she she slept on the floor. She says her energies are all around there.

She is not leaving you. Only her body is gone and she is not in the physical realm any longer. But she is with you forever and when you are ready she will come back to you as another dog. I ask her if she know when or what she will look like. She does not know when, it is more up to you and when you are ready she tells me. But she will look similar. She tells me she loved her body. I feel she will be a type of collie again, similar size. Perhaps black and white next time. But that is not yet decided.

She shows me a picture in in your house. Sits on a ledge or a fireplace? Of her? She is around that picture as well. She wants you to know this. And she loves and is very pleased with what you have done with her body.

It has been an honor to speak with SanChai and help you as well.

I am here if you need any other service.
Blessings, Elaine
Animal Communication & People Sessions.

January 13, 2012