Prepare GRAYS for our Trip To Paradise
the giant cab offered by Flor
is reversible to air from land
and ready to accommodate us all.

The cab being driven by Flor
will be piloted by Abel and Loi
as we cannot pass the wide blue ocean
automatically the mobile use its wings.

We have eight passengers all Gray
Dimples, Elflora, Flora, Ampy,
Lourdes, Tene, Dotson and Vic,
eating penoy balut seriously.

Dante serve water, coffee,
juice, wine or tea after eating,
the ladies bring oil of wintergreen
preparation for kabag in case.

Flight Attendance now announces
be still use your searbelts
we are to land any moment
and will be welcome by our Timbuktu friends.

At last, we are now in Paradise
land of various wild animals,
enjoy the hospitality of Timbuktuan
and the myriad beauties of the hinterland.