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Be grateful for the opportunity of meeting someone whom you develop closeness in your first encounter. Your soul might be his mate he is seeking throughout his journey in this lifetime. He could be a best friend you long to have. It randomly happens not planned.

That Kind Of Music

October 24, 2015 General, Poems , , , ,

by Moria Mitterer

by Moria Mitterer

Every time I play that music
it reminds me of the past
your childish utterance
your giggling insistence.

You awaken my Passion in Love
for so many years I am being numb
liken to a serene, composed woman
until one day surprisingly you come.

How can I ever forsake
the memories you create,
how can I ever escape
the image you project?

Here I am playing that Music,
it’s been in the Music Library
not only just a part but the center
that I can’t afford to delete.

You occupy a chapter of my book
so, there’s a time it is opened by random
and by chance, that music is played
your story pops up from my reverie.