I long for you from the beginning
although I have no idea how it will
you become within me
and part of my whole being.

On your part, you seek
who will be your parent
and at a time ripen
me and father meet with arms open.

At your first beat in my womb
I feel a weird sensation
the feeling of unknown
bringing joyous emotion.

You are my Precious Child
the product of our sincere Love,
you are part of my Life
and no reason to be apart.

You are my blood and my flesh
my heartbeat and my spirit
you and I are connected
in every life’s aspect.

In your sorrow and happiness
there, I am a witness
your pain is my pain,
your laughter is my laughter.

Face the world challenges
my dear Precious Child,
it is a part of your life changes
molding you into a beacon of Light.