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Music From Heaven

October 25, 2015 General, Poems , , , ,

by rastafari369.wordpress.com

by rastafari369.wordpress.com

Re: https://youtu.be/P24oxi5VYH4
Musical Rapture – A Sacred Gift of Celestial Music
This is the background while I am writing this poem.
Kindly go to the above link those who want to play this healing music.

I can’t just begin
what to jot down today
my mind is disoriented,
traveling far. unsure of the way..

Circling the space
nothing to dissect
everything is unclear
only sound I hear.

I am confused, distorted
what is happening
where am I going?
Is there another Universe?

As the sound subsides
I am back to my sense
my thought revives
and I am just sitting here.

It is not only a dream,
the sound remains nowhere
it is the music forms from heaven
to heal those who have cancer.