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Love Known At Later Age

October 30, 2015 General, Memories, Poems , , , , ,

by the guardian.com

by the guardian.com

A doctor and a nurse meet
in their advanced years
become closed as friend
enjoying that relationship.

The doctor is a widower,
the nurse is separated
both marry with no love base
yet manage the family with success.

He fetches the nurse from hospital,
and dates in their free time
calls and texts at night
but disagree oftentimes.

Between two suitors
a wealthy man and that doctor
she may choose the rich using her thought
but her heart belongs to the surgeon.

Aloof and afraid what to decide
he can’t imagine that in this universe
there is such the term LOVE,
that sails him to heavenly experience.

He, himself is ashamed
noting his childish heart ticking
yet he has to be brave
acceding to what his heart directs.