Natural Bokeh in the Morning Light by Cobalt123 (flickr)

Natural Bokeh in the Morning Light by Cobalt123 (flickr)

A week ago, I met Kie in a store and maybe through the intercession of our Spirit Guides, I asked her of her birthday compassionately as she confided unintentionally of her fear of being alone living as a single-blessedness.

She is one of the few among the herd of spiritually gifted human beings, however, because of her religious affinity, she suppressed her special talent, talents of seeing, feeling the touch and hearing voices of unseen light spirits and the dead loved ones alike, advising her emphatically not to succumb to fear of anything around and within her life.  She possesses spiritual talents which if she will accept wholeheartedly, practice  and apply, she can help many suffering souls.

I advised her that first of all, she has to strip her FEAR completely, to reflect that the  INNER YOU is the most powerful FORCE  of PROTECTION than that of the outside world, that YOU can deliberate or use the POWER OF MIND to control the inevitable occurrence not advantageous to you.

Kie said that of  many friends she has with the same spiritual knowledge, I share her the above wisdom that pacify and feel her the PEACE she longs, and will submit without reservation the special intelligence gifted to her.  She hold my hand with gratitude and I hold her too.  She said, she will not bother me anymore before saying goodbye.