Because of your exceptional high mental intelligence, trustworthiness, leadership qualities, understanding, perseverance and concern to the subordinates, you possess the qualities of a good head of any organization or group.   .These qualities are your ladder why you are now at the top of your career .  Naturally, many looks at you and desires to be on your status too.  Without your knowing, you are eminently misunderstood, and may subject to accusation of something not of your deeds

.Solution  to your present situation according to the influence of your birthday – Just follow your intuition and you will triumphantly overcome the trial, and choose or decide where and what course or path is the best way that will give you peace and joy.

Have no FEAR, you are innocent,  Your GUARDIAN ANGELS and SPIRIT GUIDES are waiting for your permission to help you especially in this moment of quandary.

Use TIGER EYE jewelry for PROTECTION against jealousy and other negative vibrations.