Emotion in Motion by Conor Keller

Emotion in Motion by Conor Keller (flickr)

Everyday different kinds of people are encountered with different moods.  There are happy people sharing joyful moments, humorous anecdotes, exciting experiences and exchanging beautiful memories for the pleasure of the listeners.

In some instances, you met people  in distress influencing negative vibes, throwing  unpleasant words, disgusting expression or berating remarks.

In my previous unenlightened life, I had a high-tempered emotion that I would not give anyone the opportunity to yell at me most especially if I was innocent of something  accused of.  In an instance, I done wrong , I accepted my shortcoming and I would make an apology.

NOW, in this GOLDEN AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT, I vow to myself to elude confrontation in an unavoidable circumstances.  Since December 12, 2012, I had made it and I had proven that WE could CONTROL our EMOTION  like anger and the likes and it is very advantageous for our health because POSITIVE outlook set aside stress which is the cause of many ailments: physical, mental and emotional.