Clear Crystal Earrings

The influenced of planets Mercury and Saturn in your astrological sign of Aquarius created you an honest, principled and meticulous person.     You are inclined to be analytical, disapproving, nice and precise.

You believe in the reality of  life, its facts,  but in your heart there is  the desire of exploring the spiritual and mystical universes.   You have the power to see what the ordinary man cannot see.

Wealth is not your priority although you seek attention and appreciation  to your achievement from your abilities.     You desire encouragement and do everything for their kindness.   However,  you feel sad when you are failed.  You will become rich from your own talents and beware of peculiar investment or ready-to-rich business.  As much as possible, save for your old age.

Diamond or all kinds of white glistening stones are lucky for you.

Your birthdate brings you the adjustment you need for you will meet changes, different ideas, unwelcome disposition and responsibilities.  Just face them to find peace and happiness.  LOVE prevails most to your life, LOVE of God and humanity.

Love of FREEDOM is born from your name.  It brings changes,  travel and adventure, new interests that will surely make you jolly and satisfied.

You desires to be a great purist, everything must be faultless,  be in order,  and in proper place.  Your negativity, makes you senseless that will hurt anyone around you.

The real you has  the strong willpower and a dominant character.  Be moderate in dealing with everyone to avoid misunderstanding which will lead to hurt feelings.