Bracelet Gift

One of my daughter has a French friend.  Once or twice a year, they toured around their chosen tourist destinations.  In their fourth trip, they were joined by the sister and the mother.  My daughter enjoyed their togetherness four times as of to date.  They treated her as their extended family.

Prior to their first tour, my daughter’s friend sent chocolates which are my and our favorite foods.  Countless presents were sent and given to my daughter.  Primarily, it is not the given tangible things that are most important to me but what I cherished most is the unconditional love and treatment they showered to my daughter who traveled with them without my presence.

During the family’s second journey, I received a wrapped in pink gift from the mother brought by my daughter.  WOW!  it was a pink pant and blouse.   I  also received a small box and the content was a sparkling pink crystals in gold plated bracelet.  I was astound by the mother’ generosity.  For a keepsake, the bracelet is part of my article in this web net.

To you FRENCH MOTHER DEAR, although we have not met personally, I extend my HEARTFELT gratitude for the precious gifts you have given to me and the LOVE and PROTECTION your family granted to my daughter.