Ruby Pendant

Your destiny, heart’s desire as well as your inner personality carry the number  of one.  You have a very dynamic personality, capable of reaching the highest extremity of success in any undertaking you choose to.  Originality, inventiveness and uniqueness in creating concepts are your tools in pioneering anything that will amaze the people witnessing it.  Give time of relaxation to yourself,  avoid overwork so as not to deplete your energy   causing ill health

You are able to live singularity while busy working of what you intend to although you make many friends to join with.

In love, you will encounter various love affairs but will experience failure in relationship, however, you have the strength to overcome such disappointments and be in your stable posture again.

In finance, you have the opportunity to be wealthy.

In health, you will have good health, just be moderate in eating rich foods.

The number of one stated above is balanced by your complete name which carries the number of two.  The number two makes you a perfect partner or assistance, meaning you are a leader and at the same time a follower.  If you have a superior, you can do the job in his absence.

Amethyst is one of your lucky gemstones.

Red is your primary aura and silver is your secondary aura.  Aura is light energy surrounding your body and it is your charm.